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A Better Way to Travel 

When we first talked about starting Daniela + Co. Travel Advisors, we wanted to make sure we got one thing right; planning each and every trip as if it were our own. That means the ultimate attention to detail, incredible communication and destinations that create memories for life.     

We also heard from so many people that the internet was great for travel, but also an overwhelming source of information. People were spending hours attempting to research destinations only to look at each other at the end of the night and realize they were no further along then when they started. There was also the issue of fake reviews posted online. What people thought was a great tour or experience turned out to be, well, not. And support when things went haywire? Forget about it.  

Through our affiliations with Court Travel and the Virtuoso network, we can ensure three things;  First, the world's best destinations and 5 star + resorts.  Second, verified reviews from our very own travelers that return from their trips and give us feedback.  Third, a direct contact number and email from your travel advisor should you need them at any time.  

We think we're on to something. We guide our clients along a journey of custom travel planning that returns their free time, and allows them to travel without hassle on a custom itinerary planned by well traveled, experienced advisors with access to exclusive travel networks and unmatched personal support along the way. 


We would love to have you join our client family and experience the better way to travel and make memories.  Get in touch with us here to start the process today.

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Meet Denise


A native of Drabenderhöhe, Germany, Denise has spent much of her life traveling the globe, gaining crucial travel experience in some of the most respected destinations in the world. 


Experience through a six month collegiate residency in Nice, France has provided a refined appreciation of the beauty and romance in the French language, its people and its landscape.  Leading three separate 45 person + educational tours through Europe, she provided the travels of a lifetime working closely with local guides in the countries of Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and France.

Through experiences at magnet destinations such as The Great Wall of China, The Colosseum, Brandenburg Gate and Sagrada Familia to more intimate travel within Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Canada, and Mexico, Denise has cultivated the world knowledge and experience that is essential to successful travel advising.

Denise’s travel planning experience is extensive and real. Her first job in the industry was as a cross-trained agent for a major airline, planning, booking (and re-booking!) hundreds of customers through good times and bad, coupled with the complete planning, booking and execution of each of the three separate European tours mentioned above, Denise has most likely “been there, done that” when it comes to planning and executing travel itineraries.

Her formal education includes a dual degree in International Affairs and French Language from Transylvania University in Lexington, Ky and a Master’s degree in Foreign and Secondary Language Education from The Ohio State University.

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